You can run multiple websites from a single instalaltion each with it's own settings, posts, products that can also share common content. Easily organize your website into separate subdomains like etc for better maintainability.


  • Site key

    Use * as wildcard to match a portion of hostname for example: shop for your shop subdomain or blog mydomain to match blog on all tld's or mydomain to match all subdomains and tld. Use default to select the site if no other site matches. Use space instead of dots to separate subdoman domain and tld. Must be unique for each site.

  • Site name

  • Site domain/subdomain

    Used to generate links for the site Use for wildcard for subdomain, domain or tld like,, subdomain.mysite.

  • Theme

  • Home template


  • Site title
  • Site description
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta description
  • Administration Email Address
  • Contact Email Address
  • Phone number




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