Set your site name and description and configure locale and other settings.

[Vvveb site]

Choose your theme

Choose and install a theme that suits your website.

[Vvveb themes]

Install your plugins

Install additional plugins if you need a specific feature for your site.

[Vvveb plugins]

Multi site (optional)

Vvveb supports multi site, if you have a multi site setup then the first step is to add your sites from admin > settings > site When you are editing content or making changes make sure to select the desired site from the top bar

[Vvveb multi site]

If you only have one website then skip this step Default Site will be automatically selected.

Multi language (optional)

Add new languages if you have a multi language website.

[Vvveb languages]

Ecommerce (optional)

Configure ecommerce features such as currencies, taxes, geo regions etc.

[Vvveb languages]