To install Vvveb download the zip from

  • Unpack the zip and upload the contents to your server, you can use FTP or Cpanel
  • Create a new database in Mysql (MariaDb) you can do this from PhpMyadmin or from your hosting Cpanel admin
  • Configure apache or nginx webserver.
  • Open the address of your website (eg: localhost) and the installation wizard will show

Step 1 - Database configuration

Enter database details created on previous step Vvveb Install Screen Database

Step 2 - User and Site Information

Enter your email and password that you will use to login to your website. Vvveb Install Screen Admin Info


To install from command line run cli.php from root folder with correct arguments

php cli.php install module=index host= user=root password= database=vvveb admin[email] admin[password]=123456

How to install with xampp/wampp

If you don't want to manually install and configure apache/nginx and php with mysql you can use Xampp or Wampp
You can also find nginx.conf for nginx and .htaccess for apache in the root folder if you configure your webserver manually.

"Install Xampp