Security scan can be used to check the integrity of Vvveb files to make sure that your site was not hacked. If an unknown changed is detected it's recommended to contact your hosting provider to chec

System info

This page shows the configuration of your server and Vvveb site. Use the copy button to send the info for support assistance if asked to troubleshoot issues.


You can use this tool to import data exported from another Vvveb site. Just select the xml to import and the import will start.


Cron jobs are background services that run various automatic tasks such as clear cache, automatic backup, automatic currency value update etc. Jobs can be added by plugins to run specific tasks. It


You can use this tool to export various data parts from your store such as posts, products, users etc With import you can import them on another Vvveb site.

Error log

If you have errors on your site you an use this tool to view the last error messages generated by php.


With the backup tool you can save and restore the entire content of your database in a sql file. Make regular backups or enable automatic backup to restore your data in case of data loss. It's a goo


Use update to keep your site up to date with the latest Vvveb version for security, bug fixes and new features.