Product Tags

Tags are used to group products by common topics, on the product edit page you can enter new tags that will be created automatically or choose an existing one from the autocomplete input.


Products page will list all products in your site. Each table row contains the following columns: Thumbnail Product Name Model Price Stock Quick actions When hovering a product quick action but


Users can leave reviews on the product page, they can also upload images with the product. If the user has an order that included the product then a verified bought badge is displayed in the review.


You can group products by vendors similar to manufacturers.


Slug The slug is unique for the product and is used to generated the url that points to the product. The slug will be generated automatically from the name but you can change it if you wish. It shoul


Categories are used to group products in a tree hierarchy. You can reorder or move categories with drag and drop from one place to another.


You can assign manufacturers to products for users to filter products by manufacturer. Use the image option to add the manufacturer brand logo.


Users can ask questions regarding a product on the product page where you or other users can reply. Just like comments they have different status like pending, spam, trash etc.